Starting from a story where the destruction of the forest by man is illustrated, the small reader is confronted with the environmental concerns that are so pertinent nowadays. Through the adventure of a Water Drop , whose path illustrates the water cycle, the child comes into contact with the four elements, represented here: water, earth, air and fire. In this suite for chamber orchestra, where musical aspects such as form and timbre are approached

«Once upon a time there was a White Cloud where many droplets of water lived.
One day, as it was so tight, the Adventurous Droplet decided to jump from the White Cloud and look for a new world. He ended up falling on a vast plain where the sun shone so much that he decided to hide under the earth where he found a seed. Together they became a shoot that grew, grew, grew until it became a beautiful tree.                                   
The Adventurous Tree started by attracting children who were going to play for it. One day when the White Cloud passed over the plain, all the droplets wanted to descend so that, like the Adventurous Droplet, they were trees and played with children.
Some time later, the vast plain had turned into a huge forest, a forest as clear and crystalline as a drop of water.                                                                                                         
But one day the Men came to the forest and began to cut down the trees, to pollute it with their cars, and to dirty it with their debris. They were so careless that they started a huge fire that destroyed the entire forest.                                                                                                When the children returned to play in the forest, they saw the Adventurer Tree and all its friends burned by the fire. In the sky, the White Cloud was sick and dirty with pollution. The droplets of water no longer wanted to go down to the land that was dirty and burnt.  So the children decided to clean the fields, put seeds in the soil and grow in harmony with the forest … Never letting Nature be destroyed anymore. »

music and history Jorge Salgueiro

poems João Aguiar

interpretation Didactical Orchestra of Foco Musical

presentation Dinis Mendes

choreographic notes Diana Vieira

stage design Kim Cachopo

light design Paulo Sabino