In the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion and the debut year of The Stone Girl, we wanted to alert you to the segregation that most young people with disabilities experience, given that they are a population we have been working with for some years. The argument tells us about a girl who has her brain partially paralyzed due to a witch’s spell. The Girl, who wanted to be a ballerina, stopped being able to move, becoming a statue. When a group of friends became aware of the situation of the Girl and the fascination she had for dancing, she decided to motivate her to dance in the hope that through her movement her brain would be reactivated. We can read in this story an analogy to the recovery process of young people with cerebral palsy who permanently need Friends like these.

As for the musical genre, we wanted to approach ballet, which was an opportunity for us to dive more deeply into this field, since we have built the activity of the Didactic Orchestra essentially around symphonic works in concert and opera format.
The gathering of these wills was naturally the starting point for this ballet. In preparation for the live performances, in addition to appropriating the message of social integration, the children and young people involved seek to learn some basic dance movements, such as the Girl.

We invite you to do the same!

music Jorge Salgueiro

argument João Aguiar

choreography Diana Nogueira Vieira

costumes Rita Melo

scenographic support Silveira Cabral

interpretation  Musical Focus Didactic Orchestra