The Cantata The Conqueror is based on the biography of D. Afonso Henriques and his adventures; in his disagreements with his mother (D. Teresa); not his faithful (Egas Moniz) and his women (legitimate D. Mafalda and … the others). This song can tell a charming story of fiction, by “coincidence”, it presents a musical form and transversal to all the ages of the history of the Foundation of Portugal. Told (and sung) by 4 singers and a symphony orchestra, it is yet another enthusiast.

The represented musical genre – cantata – allows us to approach the systematization of human voices, since the 4 main characters are written for 4 different types of voices (soprano, contralto, tenor and bass). This specific cantata promotes the reinforcement of the orchestra’s systematization by families since its instrumentation is based on the traditional symphonic organization. classification and, of course, a little bit of the beginning of our history as a country!

music Jorge Salgueiro

libretto Risoleta Pinto Pedro

costumes Students from Esc. Sec. António Arroio (singers) and Wigam (orchestra)

stage design Kim Cachopo

interpretation Lisbon Symphony Orchestra