The Sea lived in perfect balance for millions and millions of years. The king-fish managed this balance with sage and wisdom. However, a small event came to disturb this peace: a turtle, called Turtle, realizes that it is terribly clumsy to walk. His envy and hatred grew, until one day he had an idea: in the water, on the beach where he had always lived, while observing a group of children eating treats, he remembers making a pact with them. Make up that you will reveal a treasure to them if they provide you with treats. With these goodies you will entice and convince all those who live in the sea to elect you as King-of-the-Seas and to remove the King-Fish. In a short time, the whole Sea is full of goodies, the King-Fish is deposed and the King Turtle is crowned. Through the new decrees of the King-Turtle we come to know his profile as leader and all the other characters in history and, respectively, his representative instruments. The result of his government is terrible and we are thus also aware of the effects of pollution on marine fauna. Some examples are given: hundreds of seals die each year from being caught in the plastic straps that hold the beverage cans together; seabirds ingest caps from plastic bottles that float to the surface of the sea, causing fullness and preventing them from eating properly; a chewing gum takes about 5 years to be absorbed by nature … However, at sea, fear is widespread, many go crazy, most are sick. Children fail to provide treats because the King-Turtle does not reveal the treasure to them. All inhabitants of the Sea revolt and the Turtle is forced to flee. As he runs away, he realizes that, despite being bumpy on land, he knows how to swim with great elegance and speed, just like the fish he had envied. Now he has a new idea: come back and meet the Ling-fish, give him back the scepter, apologize to everyone and introduce him: … and if we all cleaned the sea together!

And it is not that, when cleaning the Sea, they really discovered a treasure! They called it KNOWLEDGE!

music and history Jorge Salgueiro

illustration Rafael Estrada e Javier Requena

narration Raúl Atalaia (O Bando Theater)

interpretation Portuguese Armed Band

edition Foco Musical