From the Lusíadas, by Luís de Camões, the adventure of the Portuguese Discoveries is reported. But here, in this adventure, the main character is called The Courage.        This is, therefore, the story of the dangers because Lady Courage’s journey passes, dangers and adventures reported by The Poet – Camões, of course.                                    The dangers of the trip are personified by the character A Monstra, who, after all, is not as bad as she looks – as seen in the outcome.                                                                        The Lady Courage defeats Monstra and, above all, ignores and defeats The Pessimist. Overcoming illnesses and storms, he successfully completed the trip – and thus discovered a new world. It is The Poet – Camões – who reports and celebrates this great event.                                                                                                                                                  In the end, The Poet recalls that whoever takes Pessimism with them will never reach the other side.

music Jorge Salgueiro

libreto Gonçalo M. Tavares

staging Guilherme Mendonça

interpretation Filarmonia das Beiras Orchestra

musical direction António Vassalo Lourenço

stage design Kim Cachopo

costumes Clara Bento

artistic direction Miguel Nabais Pernes

production director Paulo Batalha

pedagogical production and design foco Musical