Foco Kids is the brand that Foco Musical uses when the music works are done by the children themselves. In this way we distinguish what is done by children, from what is done for children


The annual edition of the Foco Kids CD or DVD is an initiative that essentially aims to record and share, in each academic year, the level of achievement that we have reached with our children, in an autoscopy process that allows us to continue to improve development strategies skills that we propose year after year.


With our GreaMMYs – Great Musical Moments of the Year – Foco Kids, we intend to encourage the continuity of these good work registration practices, symbolically rewarding the works that distinguish themselves in different perspectives of the field of ensemble music playing in the different areas with which we work.


With Foco Kids Biennial Festival it is intended that students demonstrate in live concert the level of interpretation achieved during classes held in the field of Music Education. This initiative turns into an excellent moment of sharing and effective assessment of the acquired skills. In addition to the whole process of construction and motivation that implies, always more important than the result shown, the experience of the stage is a factor of connection to the world of the interpretive arts truly unique, whose experience by itself would be enough to justify the framing of this complementary activity within the scope of the project we share here.